Taxi Butler Service

A quick button press away, Deployed in Hotels across Oxfordshire.

The Taxi Butlers are placed at Restaurants & bars, Hotels and Company receptions. When customers are in need of a taxi, they can make an order with the click of a button. Multiple taxis can be ordered from a single Taxi Butler. Royal Cars have over 50 locations around Oxfordshire where Taxi Butlers are avalible. If you needs a taxi, and your in a Hotel, there is a good chance a Taxi Butler One touch ording system is near you.
  • A must have for hotels & Restaurant businesses
  • Taxi booking is processed in seconds.
  • Taxi Butler is directly connected with your dispatch system.
  • Admin panel for full control and overview of all your Taxi Butlers.
  • Customers receive live updates on driver details & arrival time.
  • Attractive monthly fee include: hardware, connectivity, guarantee & service.

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